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XG released vocal cover on PEACHES of Justin Bieber after a rap cover on CHILL BILL | XG girl group profiles

XG girl group members revealed

Annyeon chingu-ya

Remember XG – the new girl group debuting soon which we talked about recently.

So I was quite excited when they released their first introduction dance cover on the “Everybody Mad” of  “O.T. Genasis”. As I promised I would let you know once they release something more about the girls and here I am.

By the way if you don’t know about XG- then I have talked everything in a recent blog you can read here – when they released their first dance cover and introduction video XGALX on YouTube.

Now the official channel of this new girl group XG, produced by Simon of DMTN has released individual videos of each of the member of the Group.  Along with this a rap cover and vocal cover have been released.

The girls are looking so stunning in each of their solo dance cover and trust me you will also love to watch them .

XG vocal cover video

On 11th Feb 2022 XG has released a vocal cover featuring CHISA and JURIA, two singers of the girl group. CHISA and JURIA has performed this cover on PEACHES remix of Justin Bieber.

I was kind of surprised watching (and listening) both the girls – they sound so melodious. Here is the video in case you want to listen them –

Here is some info I got about the members of the girl group XG –

XG memberssolo video

According to the solo dance performance videos uploaded, there are 7 members in the XG. These seven girls’ names are – JURIN, CHISA, COCONA, HINATA, MAYA, JURIA and HARVEY.

Here are the solo videos of each of the member, I think you would love to take a look at –


In this video JURIN is performing on Light it Up from the Light it Up album of Marshmello, Tyga and Chris Brown. This street-dancer style performance is choreographed by Natalie Bebko.


Chisa has performed this chill vibe dance on Everything I wanted by Billie Eilish. The performance is choreographed by Galen Hooks.


COCONA is the next member of XG who has performed on AP song by Pop Smoke. This killing dance performance has been choreographed by Bailey Sok.


the next talented member of the XG is HINATA (she is looking so pretty like  a mermaid 😀 ). HINATA  is performing on Be Alright by Ariana Grande. This dance dance cover has been choreographed by Spella.


Hey doesn’t that sound like an Indian name – MAYA (I just observed it)? So in this cool and cheerful dance cover MAYA is performing on Ride by Ciara. Jojo Gomez has given choreography for it.


JURIA is the next pretty member of the group performing on Special Attention by Teenear. This hot and sexy dance cover has been choreographed by May J Lee.


This TOO FUNKY dance cover video features HARVEY who is seeming like the next rapper of the girl group XG. Original choreography is by YANIS MARSHALL.

Rap cover video of XG

Apart from these solo performances XG has also released a rap performance. This rap video features two rappers of the group – JURIN and HARVEY. They have performed it on Chill Bill Remix of Rob $tone. Both the girls are looking like underground rappers and give magnetic vibes, take a look –

These dance performances are screaming their talent. Let’s see what is next coming from the group? along with official announcement about the each member.

I hope you enjoyed reading this chingu-ya. Do let me know how you liked these dance videos of each member ? And which member you liked the most (honestly I l found the rapper duo looking really cool)?

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FAQ “XG Girls”

How many members are there in XG girl group?

Currently 7 members have been announced by the company of XG girl group, these are – JURIN, CHISA, COCONA, HINATA, MAYA, JURIA and HARVEY.

Who is the rapper in XG?

JURIN and HARVEY are revealed rappers of the girl group XG.

What is the music album of XG?

XG girl group has not released any album or single yet. I am also waiting for it, let’s see when we can listen them.

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